Paul Green

Paul Green

Meet Paul

Let me help your business become one of the winners

Marketing expert Paul Green is the founder of MSP Marketing, a UK organisation that exists to help the owners of MSPs grow their businesses, and fall in love with them again.

He’s the author of Updating Servers Doesn’t Grow Your Business, a paperback book now owned by more than 1,000 MSPs in the UK. 

Paul Green was a newspaper journalist and radio presenter for 13 years, before starting his first business, a PR agency, in 2005.

He turned out to be rubbish at PR. So he transformed it into a specialist business growth and marketing company called Growth UK. This was a marketing and growth consultancy for independent opticians, vets and dentists.

The business had seven figure turnover and six figure EBITDA – and in March 2016 Paul sold it to a digital marketing agency for an undisclosed sum.

Paul is passionate about helping business owners to create more net profit, in order to have a better lifestyle. He lives in Milton Keynes, UK, with his 9-year-old daughter Matilda, two gerbils and a drum kit he plays… badly